1) When you reach out to us by phone or send us

    an e-mail, you’ll be immediately be assigned to

    a Sales Manager who will work directly with you

    and instruct you on the first steps to take.

2) Your Sales Manager will take your order and
     will be available to answer all your questions.
     All our Sales Managers are very
     knowledgeable and experience to help you 
     with any of our products and services
     by phone or through e-mails.

3) In order to  provide you with with an accurate
    estimate to print your artwork files, the amount 
    of printing will need to be determine. We will need you to submit your artwork files as a jpeg format or as a PDF.

(Our Sales Manager can also help you with any questions regarding any of the services listed)

4) If you do not have a complete lay-out then you can submit all your artwork files (logo, images, photos, portraits, etc.).
    Sales Manager will forward your files to our designers to lay-out a new design for you. This may go back & forth but
    it’s all about creating and putting together your vision.

5) Once your requested items with your artwork files or requested services is collected, we will send you a
     Paypal invoice by e-mail for payment to activate your order.
(We highly recommend using Paypal to pay by credit card. Paypal is the highest secured online site for such transactions and we want to provide our customers with extra protection for any level of purchases.  You can pay with any credit card and you do not need to be or become a member to pay our Paypal invoice).

7) Your assigned Sales Manager will notify you that your order was activated once Paypal received your payment.

8) Our designers will start designing or creating a lay-out using your artwork that you provide uswith or our technicians
     will begin working on your wav file or video file.

9) You will be notify by your Sales Manager by e-mail to open attached file to view samples of your new artwork design and
     for your approval.
(For a final touch - you can request changes to your artwork).
10) Your new design will go to the printing press once we receive your reply of approval.

11) During the production of your order your assigned Sales Manager will keep you posted with the status of your order
       by emails. You will receive a tracking number when your order is shipped and any other developments of your order.


12) Finally, you will receive a “Thank you for selecting Dupgo” from your assigned Sales Manager and will ask you to     
       share  any commet with us regarding our products and services.

" PayPal - safest and most trusted online payment solution."

Dupgo is not responsible for typographic errors or product specification inaccuracies posted on the website. Prices are subject to change without notice.
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