CD & DVD Duplication with Customize Label Printing

One of the fastest ways to get your CD/DVD out there with your audience.

DVD Small Run Solution

High resolution printing process on quality DVD label discs 
to bring out your photo or image with full colors. Printed on 
a high gloss finish or a matt finish label. This is a quick & fast
turnaround solution for your DVD project.

Small run duplication & printing services is only available up to
500 DVDs or less and comes with competitive prices.

Submitted artwork for a  DVD label sample requires approval 
to start label printing and duplication process begins.

• Pricing your CD duplication project is base on the request amount of DVDs.
• Each order includes: DVD-R duplication, customize printed labels w/ one artwork set-up.
Pro-Line CD Solution:
High resolution image or photo printed on a quality
CD label. With a full color print on a glossy finish 
surface will enhance and stand-out your CD label.  
Sample of your customize CD label will requires your
approval before printing and duplication process begins.

• Each order includes: CD-R duplication, customize printed labels w/ one artwork set-up.
Budget-Line CDs:
CD label that will present more of a graphic look
and enhance your design image or photo at high 
resolution. A standard CD label that stands out 
your customize design printed in full color on a 
quality matt finish surface.

• Prices includes: CD-R duplication, custom printed labels & one artwork set-up for each order.
Silver-Line CDs:
Standard CD with an attractive silk finish label.
Very popular as CD-Rom or for a CD Catalogs.
Printable label for a customize logo with one or
two colors. Great for a quick bulk order and fast
turnaround. Small run CD solution is the answer
to get your CD project on time with a quality, 
professional look and finish.

• Each order includes: one CD-R duplication service, customize printed full color label & one artwork set-up.
• Submiited artwork & our CD sample requires approval to start printing and duplication your order. 

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