CD & DVD Replication

CD/DVD Replication

CD Replication Process:

CD Manufacturing & Custom Label Printing
Replication process of CDs is cost effective for production of 1000 disc or more. There's a good reason for the fact that while the setup cost of producing a glass master and formatting the machines for your job is high, the cost of producing each unit is very low. When you are producing 1000 CDs or more, the costs of CD Replication are generally lower than the costs of CD Duplication


This process is, by far, an industry standard procedure for manufacturing audio CDs. CD Duplication uses enhanced CD-R media and 'burns' the data to a heat-sensitive surface and is ideal for short-runs, whereas CD Replication actually "stamped" into the plastic disc with a metal die creating physical pits in the surface. This replicated CD is then covered in a clear plastic layer, to stop the pits from collecting dirt and dust. Then the face is printed with an offset press or silk screen that will be determine on your design in order to produce the high quality.
CD Replication Price:
CD manufacturing with custom label printing
 Quantity                              Per Disc
500                         $0.68
1,000                      $0.49
2,500                      $0.46
5,000                      $0.42
10,000                    $0.27
25,000                    $0.23
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DVD Replication Process
DVD Manufacturing & Custom Label Printing
DVD Replication provides a long-term solution to store higher volumes of data than a CD. DVD Replication is the industry standard procedure for manufacturing DVDs. DVD Replication actually "presses" the audio onto an aluminum and plastic disc, creating physical pits in the surface. This is then covered in a clear plastic layer to stop the pits collecting dirt and dust. Label printing is processed with off-set or silkscreen and the choose is determine and based on your design to produce a better quality disc label. The disc life of a replicated copy is much longer and sturdier than a duplicated disc's. 
There are two main DVD options: DVD-5 and DVD-9

1. DVD-5 (single layer disc) can store 4.7GB of data (up to 2 hours of video).

2. DVD-9 ( dual layer disc) stores 8.54GB of data (about 4 hours of video footage).


 DVD Replication Prices:  

 DVD-5                                                                            DVD-9
Quantity            Per Disc                                   Quantity       Per Disc
500                         $0.70                                                   500                   $0.75
1000                       $0.59                                                   1000                  $0.65
2000                       $0.50                                                   2000                  $0.56
3000                       $0.49                                                   3000                  $0.51
4000                       $0.45                                                   4000                  $0.48
5000                       $0.42                                                   5000                  $0.44
10,000                    $0.34                                                   10,000               $0.36
25.000                    $0.28                                                   25,000               $0.30
Label images or design printed in full color.
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