Rush Order:     

Price for a rush order is base on the amount of CD/DVDs requested, amount of data to record and the size of your artwork file to print upon submission. DVDs (4.7GB) requires much more to process

verse music CDs (700MB). Artwork with dark colors and a full color background to print on CD/DVDs labels and/or packaging will take the process longer. These issues will be brought to your
attention at the time of placing a Rush Orders.


An estimate of one (1) to two (2) days of production, depending, once all digital files are viewed and the unit amount of CD/DVDs is confirmed. Providing us with a good description and accuracy of your files may be accepted without viewing in some cases to receive a quotation. Quoted price will change if we come to find there was more to your files then what you descriped. A payment in full is required up-front which includes shipping charges in order to activate any Rush Order. Over-night or one day shipping charges will be apply in order to rush-out the complete & final product. 


To avoid delays, additional fees and cancellation fees, digital files (audio, video and artwork) must be completely prepared upon submission and "save-as" correctly for duplication and printing purposes. Errors or incomplete files that require technical services for adjustments or changes in order to continue the rush order will create a fee. Cancellation will imply a 35% charge from the initial charge amount for an activated Rush Order that was partially handled. Samples of your artwork to print via e-mail will require approval to begin production. 



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