Audio Editing & Recording
Dupgo provides a range of services to meet your needs to complete and finalize your audio file. We can help every step of the way from your initial concept to creating new audio file, changing or replacing sound track(s) within your audio file. It is possible, as time revolves and changes takes place, to up-dating or improving curtain sound track for any song or video sound track(s).
Audio post production is available here with Dupgo by refining and manipulating the sound behind the scenes for commercials, presentations, short films, training videos, background music and home movies.
Re-do sound recording track(s) to expand overall sound, replace sound track(s) or improve overall sound with sound effects is all possible with our Audio Editing & Recording services.
Once we have created a new CD master - duplication will be the following steps with CD/DVD label printing and packaging as
an option and all available here in one place. You will find more details of our Audio Editing & Recording services below.    

Digital Track Recording
Digital Track Recording new sound track(s) for the purpose to add into a existing audio for improvements to your over-all song or sound file.
Initial recording process by laying down individual digital sound tracks of a individual instrument, vocal or effects.
Then, it's following steps is to process into your wav/sound file for further adjustments of editing, mixing and mastering.
Our recording engineers are able to expand your sound file by applying additional new sound track(s) or apply changes by replacing sounds track(s) before mixing and mastering your audio file.

Mixing requires experience and skill - all on it's own and is incredibly important to the overall sound of a song or sound track. The mix of a song or sound track can change the character of your music dramatically, adding warmth, punch, space or clarity. Mixing comes before mastering the audio file.
Mixing involves taking each individual part of your song or sound track (Hi Hat, Snare, Lead vocal, Backing vocals, Guitar parts keyboard parts etc) and adjusting the volumes, EQ's and adding effects until the desired results are achieved. In other words until your songs or sound track sounds exactly how you want it for your CD album or for your background music to a video etc.

Mastering your music will typically make it sound louder, warmer and way more professional. It is achieved by running your tracks through compressors, limiters, equalizers and other audio mastering gear.

Mastering process includes compression, equalization, noise reduction, volume maximization into a final mix (single audio file) to give it a final professional polish.


Remember that the mastering process can not change elements within a song, such as deleting a guitar part or turning down the vocals, because the master house only has the bounced individual file. If you need changes to be made to elements within the song you would need to go back to your "mix" and alter it there before bouncing down a new digital file ready for mastering.


The process of first recording then mixing and finally mastering a song ensures maximum audio and creative quality throughout the recording process. These three steps are how almost all professional songs are created.

Encoding & Ripping:
Lets re-do your CD album but this time digitally apply your song titles, year of the CD album, name of author, name of the album and CD artwork cover right into your CD disc to show your CD information and identity on CD players and computers. 

Studios & Facilities
We provide a comfortable high end facilities for recording sound tracks and other studios for editing procedures. Base on your request we can schedule and commedate you to smoothly start your project. Our friendly staff and technicians along with our engineers are here to save you time and improving overall quality within your creative music and sound track(s).

• Dupgo can also convert your audio recordings to mp3 and other compressed audio formats.

• Material of any "intellectual property rights" requires licensing to record for background music.

• Audio recording, mixing and mastering work are quoted on an individual project basis.



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