Editing raw digital material or analog footage or re-edited video files. Applying the

latest effective program and up-date software versions to produce audio and video 

quality. The process of manipulating video footage & images removing noise and 

removing unwanted scenes from the original footage is where every video project 

needs in order to make it more appealing and attractive. Also, adding music, still 

photos, narration and creating special effects to accomplish ideas and visions. 

Plus forming and scene main menu to separate scenes in chapters & titles to 

organize your video. This service is designed and prepared to work quickly and 

professionally to provide a finished digital video file on time.

Once the video taping is completed, the next step is to edit the raw footage into a professional, effective video presentation or program. We use a computerized non-linear editing system that gives us tremendous flexibility to apply spectacular special effects, such as wipes, dissolves, freeze frames, split screens, slow and fast motion, voice-over, visual and sound effects. With our experienced Editing team we are able to achieve exactly what you vision.


After an initial consultation takes place with our Video Editing Technician on discussions to clearly understand your ideas and viewing your script, we confirm our schedule and work one-on-one to quickly produce a rough edit for review.   

A final edit is created based upon your feedback and creative input.

Award Ceremonies
Birthday Parties
School Plays & Concerts
Commercials & Infomercials
Legal depositions and settlement brochure videos
Product presentations and demonstrations
Sales and marketing meetings
Personal or corporate resumes


Music studio
 Music video
  Stage acts

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