Reel to Reel Tape Baking:

When necessary to process reel to reel tape transfers, our in house professional tape baking service is available. Baking the tape, also called, Sticky Tape, are process at a correct temperature for 4 to 8 hours safely restores the tape so that it can be transferred and digitally process without being damaged. After baking, the tape usually remains in good condition for approximately a month. If the tape re-deteriorates, it's possible to bake the tape once again. Contact us for accurate pricing which is base on amount of tapes to bake and conditions of your reel to reel tape.

Baking is only a temporary solution to counteract sticky shed. Generally, after a tape is baked, it is only good for one play which allows us to transfer the audio to a digital format so it can be shared with many more people to hear this classic content.

Images on the left shows how easy it is to identify Acetate simply by holding it up to light.  
(Acetate is translucent and Polyester is opaque.) 
Tapes that have been poorly stored like the photo "uneven wind" will require extra care.

Sticky-tape/shed syndrome is a condition created by the deterioration of the binders in a magnetic tape which hold the iron oxide magnetizable coating to its plastic carrier. This deterioration renders the tape unusable. Some kinds of binder are known to break down over time, due to the absorption of moisture.

How do you know you have Sticky-Tape? The symptoms of this breakdown are immediately obvious even when rewinding the tape: tearing sounds and sluggish behavior. If a tape with sticky-shed syndrome is played, the reels will make screeching or squeaking sounds, and the tape will leave dusty, rusty particles on the guides and heads. 

Some tapes may deteriorate because of a breakdown in the binder (the glue) that holds the oxide particles on the tape if the tape was from any of the tape manufacturers who had inadvertently used an unstable binder formulation. That binder contained polyurethane that soaks up water and causes the urethane to rise to the tape's surface. This problem became known as the 'sticky-shed syndrome'. Short strands of urethane were most commonly used in tapes - until it was discovered that middle-sized strands are better and were good at absorbing moisture. Baking the tape temporarily restores the tape by driving the water molecules from the binder so that it can be safely copied to another tape or a different format. After baking, the tape usually remains in good condition for approximately a month. If the tape re-deteriorates, it may be possible to bake the tape again.

The binder on this tape has deteriorated to the extent that 
the oxide (brown), which holds the magnetic information, 
has come away from the polyester base (clear). It is unrecoverable.
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