(Turn Your Ideas Into A Spectacular Video or DVD Program)

We offer our specialty recording and production services to create 
an effective visual presentation or for any video projects from 
concept to completion. Using the latest equipment and programs 
our experienced videographer and our technicians are ready to 
capture your activities and spectacular events on digital file!

Pre-Production (free consultation):

Project Information Gathering--this is the first step in the process of creating your video.  We arrange a meetings to discuss all the needs for your project.  The purpose for this meetings is for a budget to be determined, and to get our creative team the necessary information to prepare a quotation. This is the meetings where you give us all the relevant information you want included in your video. 


After careful review of the notes from the initial consultation, we prepare a quotation based on your needs and goals.  

Upon approval of the quotation, we proceed through the production. Our creative and experienced team picks it up and starts to mold all that information and data into a compelling and memorable story.


Video Shoot--With our professional cameras and staff, we begin to record the video shoot.  Following the shot list, we capture all of the footage with attention to creativity and detail.



Digital Editing--The editing process begins, following the agreed upon script.  We deliver a rough edit for your review.   A final edit is created based upon your feedback and creative input. 


Mastering and Duplicating:
The final presentation is mastered onto a digital format.  We can then handle any of your web or duplication needs for videocassette, CD-ROM or DVD.  

Family Events:
Award Ceremonies
Birthday Parties
School Plays & Concerts
Business Events:
Commercials & Infomercials
Legal depositions and settlement brochure videos
Product presentations and demonstrations
Sales and marketing meetings
Personal or corporate resumes


Entertainment Events:
Music studio
 Music video
Stage acts

• Pricing for video production is base on the details & requirements to produce your video recording project.
• Pricing for a small video recording production requires 50% deposit and a full payment of balance upon completion.
• Pricing is structured by sequence of payments for Larger projects & will require a deposit, progress payment and balance upon completion.

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